About Us

Committed to be recognized as a synonym to innovations
Introducing Novel technologies into healthcare

Our Team

The company was founded in September 2018, with a vision to revolutionize wellness and healthcare industry, using cutting-edge technologies, with ultimate goal of enabling people to explore A NEW WORLD and to experience the impossible into reality.


To provide best products and services using the best and most advanced cutting edge technologies, procured in a sustainable manner while respecting our environment, contributing to the well-being of our consumers and enriching their lives!

Blu Ocean Innovations Pvt Ltd

Blu Ocean Innovations is a name inspired from a Business Management concept named “Blue Ocean Strategy” with a focus to counter existing market problems through authentic innovations.
We are committed to change the life of millions across the world through innovative solutions and products. 
Blu Ocean has been recognised by the Indian Ministry of Commerce and boasts of 80% female workforce.


To be established as the Leader in Authentic Scientific innovations, as a Hard-Tech Startup company that is capable that is capable of turning impossible into reality.

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