KARE is our latest, patented, novel healthcare technology, which aims to seal the gaps in the existing Indian healthcare system.

Currently, the main lacunae in the Indian healthcare system is lack of transparency and unnecessary hospitalization. KARE aims to overcome all these issues and make the whole process clear and simple so that awareness of the patient increases. Every aspect of treatment, including tests and medicines, will be updated in real-time into the system, making the whole process transparent.

The salient feature of KARE is that it can potentially bring down hospitalization costs by 70%. It will bring transparency to the whole healthcare ecosystem and be open to scrutiny by patients, doctors and insurance companies alike.

We envision the future use of KARE to include a unique and universal patient ID that can be validated at any hospital or medical centre. The aim is to generate all relevant medical details, including tests, medicines etc of a patient by creating an Electronic Medical Record. This will eliminate the chances of repeat treatments or ghost data and also make errors redundant.

Patent Granted in India & USA

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