Keanu is a revolutionary Hairgrowth Serum, made from Stem Cells, that has astounded everyone by everyone by showing excellent results and now being endorsed by Top Dermats and Plastic Surgeons across India, in leading hospitals and clinics.

This Hair Serum Counters Hair Loss even at Stage 6 and gives unexpectedly great results within 2 weeks. The total treatment time is ONLY 4 months.

Keanu is a Stem cell therapy, with total treatment time of just 6 months. It’s time for saying no to Minoxidil and other harsh ingredients and Cosmetic grade products


  1. Combats post-covid hair loss
  2. Supremely enhances the Hair diameter, density and Growth rate
  3. Improves the Texture, Shine, Elasticity, Strength and Scalp condition
  4. Reduces Hair porosity
  5. Counters Hair follicle miniaturization and diffusing of Hair follicles
  6. Scavenges Superoxides and Peroxidase molecules that counters hair growth
  7. Combats hair thinning and genetic hair loss
  8. Increases the size of hair follicles and combats hair fall
  9. Reverses premature grey hair
  10. Boosts hair growth by activating dormant and diffused hair follicles

KEANU has been named so in honour of Hollywood actor, Mr. Keanu Reeves, who has gladly endorsed our product after seeing its effect.

Keanu has been through safety and efficacy studies and has produced results beyond our expectation; and is now recommended by top dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Keanu Serum is available at Leading Hospitals and Dermatology and wellness Centres.

Let us eliminate the need for Hair transplant with this revolutionary solution

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